Abstract submission


    Paper Submission is Closed
  • Post-Deadline Registration for Poster Session is closed open until the number of posters reach the quota (First-come, First-served basis).
    Acceptance will be e-mailed individually to post-deadline applicants. Submissions have to be done by Wednesday, Aug. 25th to be included
    in the NSS6 Abstract booklet.

  • Submission Deadline: July 16, 2010
  • Preliminary program: August 20, 2010
A one page (A4 size) abstract is due by July 16, 2010.
Oral presentations will be selected by the program committee from the submitted abstracts, and the selected speakers will be notified
by the endo of August, 2010.

Topics of the Workshop

  • Spectromicroscopy with synchrotron radiation (PEEM, Fresnel zone plates, Schwarzschild optics, SXTM)
  • Electron microscopy (CL-TEM, CL-SEM, SAM, TEM-EELS, SEM-FA)
  • Scanning probe techniques (STS, SNOM, CL-STM, OBIC)
  • Nanostructures (quantum dots, quantum wires, nanotubes)
  • Nanofabrication technology (nanolithography)

Preparation of Abstracts

Abstract must be submitted for both oral and poster presentations. All abstracts will be reviewed by the program committee.
The abstract should explain the contents of your presentation clearly and should be written on one-page of A4 (or US letter size) paper with margins of 3 cm (top and bottom), 2.5 cm (right and left). Any color figures will be printed as black-and-white, and it cannot be guaranteed that halftone (grayscale) images will print as expected. It is recommended that you use figures with high contrast.

The abstract must be written in English. The detailed format for abstracts is given in the following files.    

How to Submit Your Abstract

Please register before submitting your abstract. A registration number is required for sending your abstract.

By e-mail

Please send your abstract to the NSS6 Program Committee, nss6-program@spring8.or. jp as an attached PDF file.
PDF files are not perfectly compatible with all computer systems. To avoid compatibility issues, we request that authors avoid using
special symbols or Greek letters. Please try not to exceed 10MB file size in your submission.

Please include the following information in your email:-
  • Your registration number
  • The relevant topic to your presentation (see above)
  • The attached PDF file must be named using the following convention :

    e.g.) Your registration number : 0010,      Your family name : Kimura
    >>File Name:  0010.Kimura.pdf

    *If you submit two or more abstracts, add "a" for first abstract and "b" for second abstract as your file names.
    >>File Name:  0010.Kimura.a.pdf,       0010.Kimura.b.pdf, ... 

Confirmation of Submitting Your Abstract

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within a week of submitting an abstract, please contact the NSS6 Conference Secretariat to make sure
that your abstract has been safely received.



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